Is Your Mind’s Lens Foggy?

We perceive our environment through our senses. But it is the consciousness, through which our world seems to come alive for us. But what makes us conscious? Consciousness seems to arise in our mind. Hence our mind is the lens through  which sees our world or our reality.

We normally take this lens for granted. But what if this lens were not clear? What if it was distorted or foggy? In that case we wouldn’t see things clearly, but we would have a distorted worldview and not know about it.

But are the doubts about the clarity of our mind legitimate? There seems to be no way to tell whether our minds would always be able to clearly perceive the reality.

The question is, how does one find out whether it’s foggy or not? Perhaps you can ask someone else who is known to be objective and unbiased to observe and judge our minds. But is it really possible? Can someone else get to know what really is going through in your mind? Although our mind’s activity manifests itself outwardly through external bodily expressions up to a certain extent. But it can be extremely difficult for someone else to observe our mind.

Luckily, our mind is a not an ordinary lens. It is a special kind of lens. It not only provides the view of the reality, but it can also run a sort of self-diagnostic test on itself. It can observe itself.  And by observing it, the mind can figure out whether it really is functioning with clarity or not.

But how do we really know that we have this capacity to observe ourselves? Well,

We have this capacity that we refer as awareness. Our minds come equipped with this capacity of awareness. What awareness allows us to do is to observe our minds.  In other words, we observe ourselves.

We can perceive reality through consciousness, but we can also become aware of our perceptions. We can see something and at the same time become aware of the fact that we are seeing something.

This faculty of awareness can be used to find out whether our mind’s lens is foggy or clear, as it lets us observe our minds function. More importantly, it can be used to observe our minds working objectively.

Although we have the capacity for awareness, we usually don’t use it that frequently. We know we can become aware of something, but when we become aware and when not, seems to be out of our control and seem to happen pretty much randomly. Also, we only seem to become aware only occasionally.

Most of the time we seem to be not aware of our experience. Most of the time we seem to cruise through in a state of semi-awareness or unawareness. That’s where things happen automatically without conscious recognition of what is going on.

If somehow we can train our awareness such that we can turn it on intentionally and at our own will, it can be utilized more effectively to check whether our minds lens is clear or not.

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