How to Be More Mindful When You Are Busy


Even if you are very busy, there are ways to be more mindful and continue practicing mindfulness. We all lead busy lives. Developing mindfulness requires practice. It is not a quick fix. It takes an ongoing discipline.

This deters people from approaching or practicing meditation or mindfulness. You think you don’t have time for that. But that is something that can be helped. Although it may feel like, the constraint of time is not really an actual barrier. The constraint of time is always there. Yet many of us find time to do things that we value. You can use some help along the way!

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When Kids Push Your Buttons – Mamas Using Mindfulness for Parenting

bigstock Mother Talking With Son Child 83206901

Some mamas and daddies are using mindfulness to get help with parenting. As a parent of a 8-year old and an 11-year old, I am intimately familiar with how kids can drive you completely crazy. They frequently push your buttons.

Learning to be mindful is not as easy as taking a pill. But if you somehow manage to learn that, it can be a valuable source when it comes to dealing with kids. You may wonder, with kids, how can one possibly find time to learn to meditate? True. But then that is true everywhere in life. We have no time, with kids or without kids.

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How Not to Send Hot-Headed Emails!

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Ever regretted sending a hot-headed email? The email that cost you dearly. It happens to many of us, but we get to know about well known leaders and personalities when they end up sending one of these emails or twits.

It seems like many Gmail realized the need an introduced an ‘undo’ button. But that would only work if you changed your mind within five seconds. That may not really be that realistic.

So how can one minimize the chances of making this mistake? Neuroscientists have some tips.

Read full article. The Neuroscience Behind Hot-Headed Emails

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A Short Meditation That Can Help Resolve Conflicts At Work!


Meditation can rewire our brains and bring about a change in our perspective, which can be helpful in resolving conflicts! Not being able to communicate effectively with your colleagues can be very frustrating. This can become extremely stressful when the person on the other side has, the heavier half of the power differential.

We routinely run into situations at work where we wish only if the other person could really get your message! Well, a typical scenario in the modern day workplace is that we all are in the same boat. The usual demands of the workplace afflict some amount of stress to all of us. And this stress tends to shut us off, so we shell up and are less likely to be open to others as well. Not as a rule, but this tends to happen a lot.

There is one Buddhist meditation, which specifically works to develop empathy, compassion and kindness towards the others. It is called Loving-Kindness or Metta meditation. It can be a very effective tool in helping avoid as well as resolve conflicts. Not only at work place but in general as well.

Read the full article. A 10-Minute Meditation to Help You Solve Conflicts at Work

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Is It Time to Bring Mindfulness Into Marketing Leadership?

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Business leadership and now marketing leadership is trying to embrace mindfulness. As more people realize the potential application of mindfulness beyond the fold of stress reduction. More than two thousand years back Buddha first showed people how mindfulness can be used to deal with the dukkha or the inherent unsatisfactoriness of the human condition.

Who would have thought that some day we would use mindfulness to reduce stress, let alone becoming a better marketing leader? This doesn’t mean to imply that mindfulness cannot be used in business or marketing. There is a case for skillful use of mindfulness in any given field. But it is not all about improving the focus and just being in the present.

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Mindfulness Is Simple But Not Easy!

almond blossom

The concept of mindfulness is very easy to describe and elaborate. It is nothing else but awareness! That simple. But when it comes to really grasping the idea, it is extremely difficult. Let’s say it tends to be very difficult. Some of us may get it fast and others may not get for a really long time.

Mindfulness has gained some mainstream popularity. But it still remains very elusive when it comes to actual understanding. Many of us try and really want to understand and practice it, but we may encounter a lot of difficulties along the road. And once we start encountering roadblocks we may end up throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Following article is one of such instances, where the author gives up assuming there is always a disconnect between the nature itself and the human interpretation through which we understand the nature.

Read full article here. Mindfulness and the experiencing of nature.

There may or may not be a disconnect between what is out there and our interpretation of what is out there. That is not really the point of mindfulness. Before we interpret or process the experience, we first feel or register the experience. That is pure awareness.

But we are so not used to paying attention to the raw stimuli that we continuously receive through our perceptual organs. We are very much used to living in our heads. Living in the conceptual world that comes after the actual experience.

One has to simply start with paying attention to the actual experience in the present moment. Notice what it is that you are seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. Not all of them together, but one sense at a time.

By practicing to continually pay attention to the direct sensory experience one can start to feel the delineation between the raw experience and the conceptualization about the experience. It takes practice. A long drawn out disciplined practice.

This is something you can’t uncover or discover overnight. Because one has to counter the conditioning of our mind that has happened, however so many years old we are. It is a very strong conditioning of mind where it doesn’t stay on the direct experience and immediately jumps into the conceptual realm.

Of course, what I say may not make sense to you right away. I hope I will explain it over the period of time such that it does make more sense to you.

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The Inverse Relationship Between Stress And Creativity


When do we get the most original and creative ideas? Is it when you are under a looming deadline, or you just had a fight with your spouse or when you are living with an incurable disease? Probably not, although there is a notion that many people perform better when they are under stress. But performing well doesn’t necessarily mean being more creative.

There is more research indicating that relation between the stress and creativity is inverse and works both ways. Meaning when you are less stressed, you are more creative and when you are able to engage in potentially creative endeavors, like art and hobby, you are less likely to feel stressed. There can be a positive reinforcing cycle here!

Read full article here. How creativity can help reduce stress

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The Journey From Suffering to Compassion – Sharon Salzberg

slider sharon v2

For those of you who follow meditation, you may have heard about Sharon Salzberg. She is a New York Times Best selling author and Buddhist meditation teacher. Her personal story is a heart wrenching one. Parents divorced when she was four. Father left the family. Mother died when she was nine. Father returned when she was eleven, but only to overdose and spend rest of his life in mental health system. She joins James Doty, the director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) at a Conversation on Compassion.

Read full article here. From suffering to compassion: Meditation teacher-author Sharon Salzberg shares her story.

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Our Preoccupation With Happiness Is Making Us Less Happy!

happy woman

Aristotle said that the pursuit of happiness is the goal of goals of human existence. In the past couple of decades, there is a ton of research that has been carried out about happiness. There is a lot more insight that we have gained about what makes us happier and what not. So has all the research and paranoia about happiness has made us more happy overall? In his new book The Happiness Industry, William Davies tackles this question.

Read the full article here. Our obsession with studying happiness is actually making us less happy

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Meditation Is Not Going to Make You Instantly Comfortable


Why is meditation so difficult? We live in a society of instant cures. We want the discomfort to go away, quickly! What meditation points us to, is that rather than running away from what’s discomforting, there an alternative choice that is available at our disposal, when it comes to dealing with what’s unpleasant. And what is it? It is, feeling right at home with what is unpleasant!! Sounds crazy? You’re not alone. One has to take time to really get what meditation really means.

Read full article here. This meditation teacher has an amazing explanation — and solution — for why so many of us can’t escape the voice in our heads

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How Mindfulness Can Help You Not Explode at Kids

son 388523_1280

Parenting is tough. It is said that it takes a village to raise kids. It is very understandable that at times you will just lose your mind and end up shouting and exploding at your kids. It turns out, mindfulness can help here as well. It takes a lot of discipline and ongoing practice, but it is something you can easily learn and apply.

Read full article here. How Mindfulness Kept Me From Exploding at my Child 

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