Mindfulness Is Simple But Not Easy!

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The concept of mindfulness is very easy to describe and elaborate. It is nothing else but awareness! That simple. But when it comes to really grasping the idea, it is extremely difficult. Let’s say it tends to be very difficult. Some of us may get it fast and others may not get for a really long time.

Mindfulness has gained some mainstream popularity. But it still remains very elusive when it comes to actual understanding. Many of us try and really want to understand and practice it, but we may encounter a lot of difficulties along the road. And once we start encountering roadblocks we may end up throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Following article is one of such instances, where the author gives up assuming there is always a disconnect between the nature itself and the human interpretation through which we understand the nature.

Read full article here. Mindfulness and the experiencing of nature.

There may or may not be a disconnect between what is out there and our interpretation of what is out there. That is not really the point of mindfulness. Before we interpret or process the experience, we first feel or register the experience. That is pure awareness.

But we are so not used to paying attention to the raw stimuli that we continuously receive through our perceptual organs. We are very much used to living in our heads. Living in the conceptual world that comes after the actual experience.

One has to simply start with paying attention to the actual experience in the present moment. Notice what it is that you are seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. Not all of them together, but one sense at a time.

By practicing to continually pay attention to the direct sensory experience one can start to feel the delineation between the raw experience and the conceptualization about the experience. It takes practice. A long drawn out disciplined practice.

This is something you can’t uncover or discover overnight. Because one has to counter the conditioning of our mind that has happened, however so many years old we are. It is a very strong conditioning of mind where it doesn’t stay on the direct experience and immediately jumps into the conceptual realm.

Of course, what I say may not make sense to you right away. I hope I will explain it over the period of time such that it does make more sense to you.

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