More Studies Find Prayer to Be Beneficial

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More studies are affirming the prayer to have benefits for our physical and emotional health. Humanity has engaged in one or the other form of prayers for thousands of years. New research is proving that engaging in prayer can reduce stress and increase resiliency.

Research reveals that it is really not about the god or the spirituality, but it is the actual act of praying that is important.


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For Treatment Resistant Depression Mindfulness Better Than Exercise and Diet

Young and old woman sitting in lotus seat practicing yoga together

A new research finds that for treatment resistant depression, mindfulness is better than exercise or a healthy diet. Just few months back it was also found that mindfulness based cognitive behavioral therapy is equally good as a pill in preventing the relapse in depression patients.

The new study also finds that mindfulness based cognitive therapy has a positive effect on the brain areas involved in depression.

Read full article here. Mindfulness Beats Exercise, Healthy Diet in Resistant MDD

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Fourth Graders Can Practice Mindfulness

Pupils meditating in lotus position on desk in classroom at the elementary school

Fourth graders can practice mindfulness equally as well as adults. Of course, for fourth graders, holding attention steady is a bigger challenge than adults. But distractability is also a huge problem for adults. We may project kids having worse attention, but in reality we don’t know who’s better and who’s worse!

Many kids in the elementary and middle schools around the country are getting exposed to and engaging in practicing mindfulness.

Read full article here. Fourth grade students demonstrate ‘mindfulness’

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Mindfulness Can Help Cultivate Resiliency

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Mindfulness can help cultivate resiliency. Resiliency is one of the abilities to cope with the hardship and survive through it and very likely thrive on it. Resiliency means you don’t easily give up on life’s challenges.

Best way to increase resiliency is through cultivating positive emotions. And mindfulness can be used to cultivate positive emotions.

Read full article here. How to Create Resiliency through Mindfulness

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More Flow at Work, Key to Increasing Well Being and Productivity

Apprentice Planing Wood In Carpentry Workshop

If we are able to create more flow at work, it will translate into more engagement, more work satisfaction and more productivity. It is like a win-win situation. Flow is a psychological state, where you fully immersed in the work you are doing while thoroughly enjoying it. The time flies by and the work becomes effortless.

Then don’t you wonder why people try to facilitate the environment where more of us are getting into the state of flow more of the time?

Read full article here. 6 Ways to Create More Flow at Work

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Can You Slow Down Eating? Mindful Eating and Emotional Well Being

Portrait of beautiful young woman eating a bowl of healthy organic salad and smiling

Can you slow down eating? Mindful eating can help you realize the connection between eating and emotional well being. We all live in a busy society. We have no time to eat our meals. Eating takes backstage and we eat without even realizing that we are eating.

With mindfulness the invitation is to reconnect with the basic human activity of eating. Making sure we taste and feel the texture and in doing so give our brain time to process the satiety signals.

Read full article here.  Slow down, you eat too fast: Mindful eating seminar connects food to emotional well-being


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Worth Practicing Mindfulness Even If You Are Not A Zen Monk?

Young woman in white hat relax at the beach in summer midday. Hipster girl in meditation near the sea

Is it worth practicing mindfulness even if you are not a Zen monk? Some of us suggest ‘yes’. It may be helpful practicing mindfulness even if you are not a religious person, or has nothing to do with religion.

Why? Because it may help you feel less stressed, more emotionally regulated, less reactive and be able to enjoy more of the mundane realities of life. You can give it a try.

Read full article here. 4 reasons to practice mindfulness even if you’re not a Zen monk

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Using Mindfulness to Beat Exam Stress

Stressed Asian student in a classroom. Shot against blackboard with formulas

Using mindfulness to beat exam stress is one more tool in your toolkit when it comes to education. With the prominence of the knowledge industry, learning and gaining knowledge skills are more important than ever before. Unfortunately, this means more pressure to perform well on exams.

Tapping into the present moment and focusing on there here and now can help students feel less panicky about possible future outcomes. This can help them focus on what they already have to offer and not get overwhelmed by all ‘what if’ scenarios.

Read full article here County Durham teacher’s advice on how mindfulness can beat exam stress

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Teaching Happiness to Kids

Rear view of father and son holding hands while walking on sand at beach

Teaching happiness to kids is an endeavor worth undertaking. Happiness is a skill and, teaching happiness really means teaching the difference between the hedonic happiness and eudaimonic happiness. It also means teaching the difference between the happiness and the well being.

There is a greater realization that knowing the difference between happiness and well being and knowing what really works when it comes to improving well-being is a life skill worth teaching to kids.

Read full article here. How to teach kids happiness

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Mindfulness Reduces Pain Catastrophizing As Good As CBT

Portrait Of Mature Man At Work Suffering From Shoulder Pain

Mindfulness reduces pain catastrophizing equally good as CBT. When pain strikes, we tend to catastrophize the pain by reactively thinking about ‘what if’ scenarios. A minor cut and we may start thinking about tetanus or gangrene. And this catastrophizing happens subconsciously, which means we are not aware of it.

Unfortunately, this catastrophizing adds to the underlying unpleasantness of the painful sensations. Reducing or avoiding this ‘what if’ scenarios can improve one’s pain experience. It turns out mindfulness can also be as effective as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).

Read full article here. Mindfulness as Effective as CBT in Pain Catastrophizing

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Grappling With the True Understanding of Mindfulness

The Great Buddha Of Kamakura, Japan

Grappling with the true understanding of mindfulness is what describes some of the media articles lately. The terms as used in west tries to encapsulate something that can’t just be captured in a single word. On the other hand, we are so used to capturing concepts using single words, we may never bother if something wasn’t put forwards so succinctly like the word mindfulness does.

Given the more popularity of mindfulness, there is increasingly more attention that is being paid, what really the word and the practices mean.

Read full article here. The lasting power of achieving mindfulness

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