Get Your Brand Message Across to the Women Audience Using Mindfulness

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Get your brand message effectively to your women audience using mindfulness. Mindfulness can be of immense value to marketers who want to connect with their audience in an authentic way.

Mindfulness can be a great tool for marketers as it can help them put their efforts in the perspective. The pressure and rush of the modern business environment may compel you to take an approach that may not be sustainable in the long run.

Read full article here. Why Mindfulness Matters in Marketing to Women

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Too Much of Mindfulness? Try Mindlessness :)


Too much hype about mindfulness? It can easily become very annoying. The reaction itself is a testament to the need of training your mind, that is very prone to getting bored, becoming agitated and prone to throwing fits.

This reaction is more likely to happen, if you don’t have a proper context or the understanding of what it is all about. The marketers run with it and can easily create an environment of frustration for us. Well, if it really is too much for you, there definitely is the alternative of mindlessness.

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Some Techniques for Becoming More Mindful

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Here are some of the techniques for becoming more mindful. The best way to become more mindful is through formal sitting meditation sessions. But what if you don’t have time.

Then you can try some of the informal methods like RAIN and STOP acronym. You can also try multiple short sessions of one or two minutes.

Read full article here. How to be more mindful: Some easy techniques

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Mindfulness May Help Treat Eating Disorders In Adolescent Girls

Portrait of beautiful young woman eating a bowl of healthy organic salad and smiling

Mindfulness may be effective in preventing the eating disorders in adolescent girls. That was shown in the trial carried out at the University of Adelaide in Australia.

Compared to a control group, the mindfulness intervention group showed improvements at the six-month followup. These included weight loss, reduced concerns about body image and weight. There were less of other commonly associated psychological afflictions regarding the weight and body image for this age group.

Read full article here. Mindfulness May Help Prevent Eating Disorders in Adolescent Girls

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Surprising Things About Meditation Retreats

Young and old woman sitting in lotus seat practicing yoga together

The most surprising thing about meditation retreat is that, it is not all about calm, serene and relaxed state of affairs. The very first day tends not be so bad. But sitting still can be extremely difficult.

Although most meditation retreats are not just about sitting meditation. Most of the time they alternate between sitting meditation and walking meditation. But the prolonged sitting, the silence, and at times the lack of eye contact may drive you crazy.

But meditation retreats are one of the best ways to reinvigorate or recharge your ongoing meditation practice.

Read full article here. 5 Things That Might Surprise You about Meditation Retreats


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Run Mindful Retreats

Athlete running man - male runner in San Francisco listening to music on smartphone. Sporty fit young man jogging by San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge. Jogger training with smart phone armband,

Run mindful retreats can be a refreshing way of exploring the practice of mediation and the cultivation of mindfulness. Especially if you love to run. The retreat can be an opportunity to connect with yourself and with the nature.

In the words of the organizer Timmy Olson, “No matter how cloudy or stormy it is, there are always blue skies above it”

Read full article here. Run Mindful Retreats are Powered by Positive Thoughts

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Alter Your Genes By Meditating

Young woman relaxing in a green park

You can alter your genes by meditating. Research has shown that meditation can alter gene expressions. It can turn on many beneficial genes and can turn off unwanted genes.

The types of gene expression that is affected by meditation ranges from immune health related genes, genes responsible for insulin secretion and genes responsible for energy metabolism.

Read full article here. Meditation alters genes in immune function, study reports

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The Happiness of Uncertainty

View of smiling man raising his hands standing in the field

The happiness is more likely to spontaneously arise from the uncertain and unexpected. This can really surprise us and provide us with the highest and the longest lasting joy and happiness.

We try to understand the reasons and causes of our experience. Because we want to be able to influence the experience. Because we hope to repeat our experience. But familiarity makes us adapt to it. Once we have known or experienced something, we start adapting to it.

And once we start adapting to it, it’s causal efficacy reduces. It can’t make us that happy anymore. Seek out uncertainty, unexpected and unknown and increase the likelihood of becoming more happy!

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Reducing Stress Increases Cancer Survival Rate

Happy female brunette doctor at medical office with patient, wearing glasses, stethoscope and lab coat. Shaking hands, smiling.

Reducing stress during the cancer treatment increases survival rate for cancer patients. For cancer patients it’s of utmost importance that they have a trusted physician and calm and relaxing treatment environment.

Also supportive family can be very effective in reducing the stress for the cancer patients.

Read full article here. Cancer Demystified: Reducing Stress Helps Cancer Patients

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Solving Major World Problems: Altruism and Compassion

man hands holding woman hand from both sides. Compassion and 
concern concept

In solving major world problems, altruism and compassion can help. Altruism is a fundamental mental state involving a specific kind of intention and motivation. Motivation is more important than the actual behavior.

Altruism can be cultivated and it along with self-compassion can be very effective tools in solving major problems of the world.

Read full article here. Matthieu Ricard: “Altruism”

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Why Self-Compassion Works?

Beautiful pink water lily and green leaves.

Why self-compassion works? Well self-compassion is not self-esteem. Self-compassion means extending the same compassionate response to ourselves, that we usually extend to others.

Self-compassion has the power to reduce stress and promote mental, physical and emotional well being. But how does it work? Find it out in the following article.

Read full article here. Feel better about yourself: Understanding the power of self-compassion

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