A Secret Key to Managing Your Stress: Your Heart

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In this fast paced age, ability to manage stress, means better health and well being. Often overlooked key to lower stress levels and better resiliency is your heart!

Throughout the history the importance given by traditions to your heart is not only a symbolic one. There is a science now, shedding the light on the role of the heart in the ways in which we deal with our surroundings.

Read full article here. Don’t let the stress of the markets destroy your health


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Do You Deserve a 3-Day Weekend?


How about a 3 day weekend for you? Do you think the work day should only be 4 days long? John Maynard Keynes predicted 85 years ago that the 21st century work week will be 15 hours long!!

If anything we work much more than we did 85 years back. Do we need to continue to work more? Or should we work less? What is it that we really want?

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Here Is What Mindfulness Is Not At All About


There are people who get what mindfulness really is. There are people who think who get mindfulness. Then there are people who don’t get it and hate it.

Do you want to read someone who totally doesn’t get mindfulness? Who has no idea what he is talking about?

Then read the article here. Mindfulness: lobotomisation by proxy

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3 Ways Meditation Changes Your Brain And the Mental Activity for Better


Following are some of the ways meditation practice changes your brain. These brain changes bring about changes in mental activity that affects us positively.

Meditation practice is correlated with cortical thickening of the areas responsible for attention and sensory processing. It is also correlated with increased gray matter, which is responsible for learning, memory, emotion regulation and perspective taking.

Read full article here. A Harvard neuroscientist reveals three ways meditation changes your brain


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Mindfulness As Part of Your Job Search Toolbox

Portrait of a worried black man

Mindfulness can be used as a tool in your toolbox when it comes to job search. Do you notice a running inner voice in your head that goes like “I will never find a job!” or “What I said in the interview was stupid and they will never hire me”?

That is self-talk that we all experience. But a negative self-talk like above can quickly sabotage your chances of accomplishing a goal. This negative self-talk pattern is something you can learn to reduce with the power of mindfulness.

Read full article here. Self-Talk and Job Hunting

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Here Is How to Teach Kids to Meditate

Pupils meditating in lotus position on desk in classroom at the elementary school

Here are few practical ways of teaching kids to meditate. Some of us may flinch at the idea of teaching mediation to kids.

I wish I had learned meditation earlier in my life. That would have saved a lot of heartache for me. With kids it may be difficult for them to even attempt to sustain their focus.

The main idea is to keep it short and simple and as much as you can involve fun activities which keep them engaged with the process.

Read article here. 5 Ways to Teach Kids How to Meditate

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The Ultimate Lesson In Mindfulness From a 107-Year-Old Poet

Mindfulness sign with a sunset background

Peggy Freydberg is a 107-year-old poet. A collection of her poems that she wrote between the age of 90 years to 106 years was published recently.

Who can find apparently mundane and never ending task of daily bed-making? But it is one of the most profound lessons in mindfulness.

Read full article here. What a 107-Year-Old Poet Can Teach You About Mindfulness

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Semester Long Meditation Course for Business Students at Georgetown

Senior gentleman meditating seated on a green grass in a park during autumn

Georgetown offers its business school students a semester long class on meditation and leadership. A well known hedge fund manager Ray Dalio, claims that most of the alpha, the annual returns in excess of 16% with 11% standard deviation, is because of his meditation practice.

More practically it is not that difficult to imagine that the clarity of thinking that comes from the attention training may be helpful especially in the familiar chaotic situations of the financial world, where you are more likely to be driven by instinctual reactions.

Read full article. Leading from the Center: Dalio, Hagan, and Freeman on Meditation and Leadership

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Too Busy? Here Is How to Start Meditating When You Are Too Busy

Beautiful pink water lily and green leaves.

Are you too busy? Many of us are. You may want to learn to meditate but you may find yourself too occupied and not able to meditate.

There is some wise advice from a Tibetan lama for you. He recommends a balanced approach. If you think you are too busy, how much non-zero time do you have to meditate today? Whatever that is meditate for that long.

You shouldn’t push too hard, but you shouldn’t relax too much either.

Read full article here. Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche on how us lazy people can start meditation

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3 Inspiring Quotes That Can Have Powerful Effect On Your Life

Stones balance vintage retro instagram like hierarchy stack over blue sea background. Spa or well-being freedom and stability concept on rocks.

Following are three quotes that powerfully affected the article author’s life.

“Respond, not react. This, it struck me, was the whole ball of wax.” This is one of the teachings of mindfulness. The reaction is resistance and can lead to action that you may regret. The response will not.

“Is this useful?”. Any time you have enough awareness of what is going on in your head. You can ask yourself this question. Be it brooding about the past or worrying about the future.

“Happiness comes from letting go.” In its immature inception, this may feel like a compromise. In its maturity this is the ultimate freedom and peace of mind.

Read full article here. These 3 inspiring quotes have had a powerful effect on my life


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Meditation Help for ‘Regular’ People

Young woman during relaxation and meditation in park meditation session. Frame shows half of body.

Meditation is not only for the monks or the spiritual minority. It is available for all of us. There is more knowledge about meditation available. It has been decoupled from the spiritual context for those of us who would like it that way.

There is more research that is ongoing. Following article explores the benefits of meditation in treating PTSD.

Read full article. Meditation trickles down to ‘regular’ people

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