You Can Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression, Cope Better With Chronic Illnesses and Sleep Better

Within 6 Weeks While You Stop Taking Medication, Even If You Have Never Meditated

For me meditation was mumbo-jumbo. I grew up in India and was taught meditation at an early age of 11. I tried it for a while and got bored! I thought it was complete non-sense.

Growing up I valued science much more. I got a masters of science degree in computer engineering. I started working in the technology industry. Life cruised along for a while.

Fast forward to age 35…. I hit early midlife crisis. Work had become a pressure cooker for a while now! Working nights and weekends became the norm. At home my personal life was in tatters.

Stress just kept growing and compounding on itself! I took out my frustration on my wife and kids.

Because of the choices I made, my wife and kids left me.

As if it wasn’t enough I developed an autoimmune disease in my eyes where I was in chronic pain and constant fear of losing my eyesight. I got easily overwhelmed by stress.

Ever since I was a kid I avoided taking medicine to address my health. A bad habit. It all culminated one day when I got a panic attack while driving to work and I almost got killed in an accident.

Then I knew something had to change.

I had to learn to manage my stress and anxiety.

I finally took time to contemplate what I should do next. I started reading about how you can naturally reduce stress and anxiety. I stumbled upon the latest research on meditation and mindfulness.

Falling flat on my face opened me up to new possibilities.

I began to give meditation a try.

Initially I only did it 5 minutes every day. I was determined to learn meditation best practices.

My problems motivated me to build a habit of practicing meditation daily. After some more research and a few setbacks I found the correct set of books and a good teacher.

Within two months I started noticing the difference. My panic attacks completely stopped.

I found myself not becoming anxious in the situation where I previously would have easily ‘fallen apart’.

I stopped feeling stressed. It was as if a heavy burden was lifted off my chest! I noticed I was able to easily relax. My focus improved a lot! I became more aware of what was going on in my mind as I went through the life.

I started noticing more clearly the thoughts, urges and impulses passing through my mind. Of which I was previously totally unaware. I started getting some space in between my thoughts.

When I started reacting to situations or acting like an asshole, I immediately noticed it.

I started living in the moment much more. Especially the difficult ones.

And in those difficult experiences I started asking questions to myself. Which of my behavior is helping and which one is not. And based on this inquiry I started taking action.

I started noticing, when I suspected I annoyed my boss. I would start getting anxious. But now I caught myself, as soon as anxiety started. With more vivid awareness of the situation, I started asking myself the question.

Here how a typical dialogue would look like…

‘Why am I feeling anxious?’.

‘Because I think I annoyed my boss’.

‘Did I really annoy my boss?’

‘I don’t know, but I can find out. I can ask her.’

‘What if she gets mad?’

‘May be, but I can always politely ask. She won’t kill me just for asking.’

So I went ahead and asked. Most of the time her reply would be like..’What are you talking about?’…

I realized it was just my false suspicion.

But there were a few times she did point specific things that she wanted me to change. But you know what she was grateful I asked, which I never did in my pre-meditation life. This discussion helped both of us.

Things only got better from then on. I went on a path to make amends with my wife and family. After patiently waiting for 2 and 1/2 years, my wife finally accepted me back. The family was back together. Not just for sake of getting together. But for the right reasons.

This let me on a path where I became an ardent student of mindfulness and meditation. I started reading every book about mindfulness I could get my hand on.

I started taking necessary training at Center for Mindfulness at University of Massachusetts.

I attended a 7 day retreat that Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn himself taught.

I also spent 1 and 1/2 years at a zen monastery mastering meditation, mindfulness and the Buddhist psychology. This gave me profound insight into the origins of mindfulness. I also become proficient with several different types of meditations.

I realized it is possible for a person to never feel panicked, worried, anxious or stressed. If one seriously undertakes regular meditation practice. No wonder since time immemorial people have used mediation to liberate themselves from all types of suffering.

We may not want to become enlightened beings, but we can skillfully use mindfulness and meditation to greatly reduce stress, anxiety, depression in our lives and bring a sense of calm, peace, contentment and well being.

Luckily scientist have found that when you start practicing meditation to cultivate mindfulness there are other benefits that are available to you

Slowdown Your Aging!

Mindfulness meditation helps increase a DNA protein Telomere. Telomere is responsible for chromosome integrity and makes cells last longer, which means you age slower!!

You Can Heal Faster

Mindfulness meditation makes you heal faster. Psoriasis patients who meditated, healed 4 times faster compared to the patients who didn’t meditate.

Improve Your Immunity

Mindfulness meditation improves immunity. When HIV patienst meditated, their immunity stopped degrading.

Improve Your Working Memory and Problem Solving Skills

Mindfulness meditation increases density in the brain areas responsible for working memory and problem solving, which means you get better at those skills!

After 4 years of intense personal practice I eventually started teaching mindfulness, purely because I wanted to continue to learn more about it and help others experience the benefits that I experienced myself.

I have been teaching a 6-week mindfulness training for 2 and 1/2 years.

The 6-week mindfulness training

course is your best bet to replicate the experience of transforming yourself to a stress, anxiety and depression free person.

This is an educational course where each week we meet for 2 and 1/2 hours for a total of 15 hours of in person instructions.

It is not just all meditation. Classes are mainly comprised of lectures, guided meditations, feedback about mediation experience, small group discussion and your personal practice tuning.

You will learn in depth what mindfulness really is and what meditation really is. You will cultivate mindfulness through various meditation techniques that you will master through the course.

In this class you will learn…..

    • Previously unknown secrets of mindfulness and meditation discovered in the foothills of Himalayas and India more than 3000 years ago which people have been using to get totally liberated from the shackles of daily lives.
    • How you can use these methods to get relief from stress, anxiety, depression, slow down aging and improve immunity.
    • What is mindfulness, what is meditation and what is mindfulness meditation. What is the relationship between mindfulness and meditation.
    • One extremely important secret about the nature of your mind.
    • Where to specifically start when you are totally new to meditation. How to actually do meditation step by step.
    • How to avoid one mistake that majority of new meditators do that leaves their meditation ineffective. The do’s and dont’s of the meditation.
    • How to cultivate mindfulness.
    • How to form a daily meditation habit even with your busy daily schedule. How to get motivated to form a regular mediation habit.
    • How to consistently experience the benefits of meditation
    • How to layoff antidepressants or anti-anxiety or blood pressure reducing medication.
    • What are the benefits of mindfulness that are backed by scientific evidence.
    • How much and how long to meditate in order to start experiencing the benefits.
    • What attitudes if cultivated along the mindfulness practice can help you get much more out of the practice?
    • How to bring mindfulness to the physical body and why doing so is extremely helpful.
    • How to cultivate mindfulness without meditating, just during the hustle and bustle of daily lives.
    • How mindfulness actually reduces stress.
    • How to meditate without sitting still and how to meditate while exercising or working out at the gym.
    • How mindfulness can reduce or totally eliminate chronic or non-chronic physical pain.
    • How to correctly meditate with music and the sounds. What prevents actual meditation from happening when you use soothing music to meditate.
    • The answer to the question “Is meditation just relaxation?”
    • How to use mindfulness to deal with difficult emotions. How to prevent anger, sadness, anxiety, envy and jealousy from driving us crazy and ruling our lives.
    • How to use mindfulness to prevent difficult ruminations and worrying thoughts from driving us and people around us crazy.
    • One simple trick that takes the charge off of difficult thoughts.
    • How to communicate mindfully and save your fragile relationship or build new lasting relationships.
    • How to get a meditation habit going even after the course is over and even after the group support is over.
    • How to find and attend free meditation retreats.

Classes are taught in a completely secular environment

without any cultural or spiritual baggage.

You won’t hear any technical terms that you don’t understand. Simple language is used to communicate mindfulness and meditation concepts.

There will be plenty of simple exercises for you to choose from. You are the kind of person who just can’t sit still but want to experience the benefits of mindfulness, you will have a few choices to pick from!!

What you get with the full course is much

The full course is much more than just the guided meditations and discussions.

Following is what you will get with this course…..

    • You get total 6 weekly sessions of 2 & 1/2 hour each, totaling 15 hours of class time.
    • You get each class session consisting of theory, guided meditation, feedback about the guided meditation from you and the group discussion for learning from others as well.
    • You will get comprehensive notes for all 6 sessions, which includes what is covered in the actual classes including important group discussions that you can learn from, the poems that I cover in the class, the books and authors that I refer to and the quotes that I use.
    • The notes which are a compendium about mindfulness and its applications. These notes are cumulatively summarized over all of my sessions from the past one and half years and includes many gems which you will never find at any bookstore or library.
    • You will also get the audio recordings of all sessions. Which means you can refer to all the details that were discussed in the class whenever you want and this means that if you miss one or more sessions you can catch up on those missed sessions via audio recording.
    • If you miss any sessions you can make up those session in the next course series without any extra cost. You can make up as many sessions as you would like. There is no limit. I remind you two weeks in advance when your make up sessions approach.
    • You will get reminders which are optimally spaced in time (based on a scientific research) to increase the chances of you forming a regular meditation habit.
    • You will not have to worry about taking notes for ever and you can fully focus on the class proceedings without worrying about missing anything.
    • You will get mp3 tracks for the guided meditations. You can also get a CD of guided meditations along with mp3 tracks at no additional cost.
    • You will learn 10 different types of meditation for you to pick and choose. You don’t have to practice all 10 of them, you just have to pick one. And I will also suggest a way where you don’t get overwhelmed by 10 different meditations.
    • You will learn 3 techniques where you can develop mindfulness without meditations and informally in your daily life.
    • You will get lifetime access to free weekly drop in group that I run every Saturday from 1pm to 2pm.
    • You will get my phone number and email and lifetime access to me 24/7 about any questions or problems that you may have with your meditation practice.

Here is what people like you have to share when they took this course.

“I was surprised to see myself go from a stressed-out mess to a pleasant person to be around”

Taking this class was the biggest favor I could have done for myself. I struggle with depression and anxiety, and medication never quite resolved the issue so I turned to meditation.

I was very hesitant to walk into a small group of strangers and make myself vulnerable, but this class was the perfect balance between supportive and individual. It was a casual, safe place–nothing was ever forced and our questions were always answered.

Initially anxious and fidgety during meditation sessions, I committed myself to the process and improved my patience level by practicing at home. I admire Samir’s level of commitment as well, teaching several methods of meditation and making sure I had found the best fit for me.

Half-way through the course, I began to see changes in myself: an improved mood, and a higher level of patience. By the end of the course, I was living more mindfully, eating healthier, and going through my day with a sense of calmness.

I was surprised to see myself go from a stressed-out mess to a pleasant person to be around. I now structure my days around a brief meditation session and balance my expectations of myself.

Mindfulness has not only been a positive change for me, but for the ones I love as well. I highly recommend taking Samir’s program.

Casey Berger, Portland OR

“Stress from caring for a child with autoimmune disease that requires weekly blood draw and injections..while working full time”

A few years ago, my daughter was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and her current treatment requires a weekly blood draw and injection, which is very stressful.

When I read a book that discussed the benefits of practicing mindfulness-based meditation, I knew it was time to find a teacher for the two of us.

Lori Hazzard, Portland OR

“Problems Have Not Magically Melted Away…But My Attitude Towards Them is Much Calmer…..My Pain is More Manageable”

weekly lessons inspire me to a renewed dedication to a daily practice, they elegantly filled in gaps in my basic understanding of what mindfulness meditation is

My problems have not all magically melted away, but my attitude toward them is much calmer and more centered and my pain is more manageable. I feel more present to the world around me, more fully able to experience each moment

Laura Sawyer, Portland OR

“Began to Get Some Space Between My Thoughts”

Over the course of the classes and the in-home practice, I began to get some space between my thoughts and get some relief from the race brain. I’m now able to embrace the pending “next chapter” in my life with a sense of excitement rather than loss.

My sense is that by practicing mindfulness I’m much better able to embrace life on life’s terms.

I look forward to continuing to practicing and seeing how life unfolds.

Rebecca Gabriel, Portland OR

“I Am a Believer…Meditation Has Positively Impacted My Life”

after 6 weeks of mindfulness and meditation classes with Samir…. I am a believer! I can say that meditation has positively impacted my life. I learnt how to control my thoughts and be positive and hopeful in life.

Priya Chaudhary, Portland OR

“I was in strong need of stress relief. I found more than I imagined”

Let me invite you to the “Mindfulness” series of Samir Ranpara! Having meditated on and off since 1984, I found this course while searching for a meditation group in Northwest Portland. With my life stressors including relocation, population density double that of my prior residency, naivette about Portland cultures and Oregon areas. I was in strong need of stress relief.

I found more than I imagined. Samir runs a welcoming circle that honors mindfulness meditation with integrity, quiet humor and an open heart.

Hi, my name is Helene. I am an immigrant, a dairy farm girl, an artist, a prior private practice owner in Boise, Idaho, a 12-step participant, a midlife – underemployed workhorse, and a multi-lingual “lifelong learner”. My employer is a local animal hospital where I provide technical assistance & animal care for their kennels.

Any time I hear someone mention meditation or mindfulness, I recommend Mr. Ranpara’s course as a part of their health and wellness plan. He presents “Mindfulness” in a professional and very scientifically solid manner.

Having been an interim director of St. Alphonsus’ Pain Education & Re-Training Program, I found current study outcomes on mindfulness in healthcare to be profoundly empowering and motivating.

His course is sequential, inviting, interactive and experiential for people of all faith and traditions. He gently and humorously models a path of practice which allowed me to explore various mindful approaches and chose those that worked best in my life.

Yes, I have a daily mindfulness meditation practice that provides me with an oasis of inner awareness, resources for decreasing my daily stressors and a circle of humans that choose human “being” versus that popular treadmill of “doing!”.

I am deeply grateful for the guidance and stepping stones that Samir Ranpara has helped me put on my life path.

Please, let this invitation touch your heart and join him!?!

Yours Truly,

Helene, Portland OR
P.S. “Pain is inevitable; suffering (misery) is optional”…..Various Authors.

Following is the schedule for all 6 sessions.

1st (Free Introductory) Session: 29th Oct, Thursday, 7pm to 9:30pm
2nd Session: 5th Nov, Thursday, 7pm to 9:30pm
3rd Session: 12th Nov, Thursday, 7pm to 9:30pm
4th Session: 19th Nov, Thursday, 7pm to 9:30pm
5th Session: 3rd Dec, Thursday, 7pm to 9:30pm
6th Session: 10th Dec, Thursday, 7pm to 9:30pm.

Can’t make it to all the sessions? Not a problem! You can make up those sessions that you miss in the next series. Also you will be able to review the audio recording of the missed sessions right away.

There will never be a better time to attend the course. When will you start giving yourself the gift of piece of mind and well-being.

Plus, when make the choice to rid yourself off the stress and worry today, you will get

first session of the 6 week course completely FREE….

6 weeks is a long commitment and you may feel you are not ready yet for the full course. That is completely okay. You don’t have to worry about it. I am offering you the first session of the course completely FREE.

You can attend and explore the first session and get a feel for what it is like to cultivate mindfulness and learn meditation. If after attending the first session you feel this is not for you, you can simply walk away. After attending the first session there is no obligation for you to continue!


Imagine being able to walk into your work meetings without any tinge of worry or anxiety.

Imagine being in the midst of your kids screaming at the top of their lungs and still being calm and clear about the whole situation.

Imagine being visited by your in laws and not feeling even a bit uncomfortable or nervous and being totally calm and crisply clear about the whole situation.

That’s what you get when you cultivate mindfulness with regular meditation practice.

Mindfulness Training Is the Real-Life Key to Eliminating Worry, Anxiety and Depression.

The total price of the course is $249, but the first session is completely free and there is no obligation for you to continue.

All sessions will be held at the same location. (The address is given below)

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